1. Anxiety

From the recording AllDayFunkShine!

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Never thought much about Anxiety or feeling anxious as a kid. As an adult I recognized the butterflies and nauseous feelings. After having a conversation with my kid Izzie it all came full circle. We evolve, learn and grow. Watching Simone Biles, Calvin Ridley and Naomi Osaka take a time out is ok. Let’s all take a pause sometimes. Keith King added a beat that took the song someplace different. The pulse and syncopation makes this song.


there's this recurring dream

i'm high up on a wire and nothing underneath to catch your fall

there's the sound of my heartbeat

i can hear it while im sleeping , and its getting louder every night

what is happening to me


sometimes it's difficult to breathe

it’s impossible to make it through the day feeling this way

my room , i rarely want to leave

i find it’s getting harder to get out of bed everyday

what is happening to me


there are days, i feel my sanity slipping away
tell me what must i do to come back down

i hear voices in my head

i don’t know what they’re saying
but i need to find some comfort in my mind

some days id rather cry instead,

there’s happiness in music. it seems to help me through my sunken times

what is happening to me