I Too Am Babybrutha

Current line up

  • Savino -Guitar
  • Alex Emetti - guitar/ backing Vocals
  • Keith King - Drums/vocals
  • T.LEE- Bass / Lead vocals
  • Lauren LO

Former line up:

  • Mecca Modai vocals
  • Danya Thompson/¬†Drums
  • MK harrison Guitar / lead vocals
  • Big Smoke Drums
  • Carolyn Castillo/ Vocals
  • KP Keys- keyboards
  • Ashley Good Vocals
  • Will Young Vocals
  • Selden Tual Guitar
  • John Roberts Guitar
  • Joe Rodriguez guitar
  • Roy Arsenault drums

It's a family thang and most importantly it's a state of mind. Babybrutha was formed by founding member T.LEE (bass, keys and vocals) . The current line up includes Savino Izzi on guitar, Keith King on drums and vocals  Alex Emetti & Lauren Lo on vocals. The sound is definitely soulful with a rock approach. Babybrutha's live performances have been described as HIGH ENERGY FUNK! Some have said that their sound is a combination of Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield and Sly and the Family Stone. Babybrutha has performed behind many local Chicago artists, as well as writing and producing. The Wild Hare, Morseland, Darkroom, The Hothouse, The Congress Theater are just a few of the Chicago area venues that have featured these musicians. TLEE says the name Babybrutha comes from a Richard Pryor routine where Pryor is speaking to Jim Brown. Jim Brown says to Pryor "What's happening Babybrutha?" Pryor responds with "Ain't nuthin to it." These guys have a fierce approach to music. They list Outkast, Raphael Saadiq, P-Funk, The Beatles, Lenny Kravitz and Prince as major influences. The sound is fresh and very melodic. Now Go Wiggle!