Keith King-drums on tracks 1 & 10
Sav Izzi-Guitar on track 8
Mecca Modai-Vocals on track 8
Natalie Rose-Vocals on track 1
Vaan Lotus-Vocals on tracks 3,5 & 7
Danya Thompson-Drums on tracks 2,3,6,7 & 9 additional keys tracks 1,3,5 & 9, Co Produced tracks 1,3,6 & 9
T.Lee-Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Drum loops
Engineered, Mixed and mastered by Danya Thompson
Executive producer and written by T.Lee
Photography by Patrick Wingard
Danya's drums and CD masterd at Studio D
Recorded at Leeving Fairfield Studios
Let it all Hang Out
By T.Lee
Let it all Hang, Let it all hang out
Let it all hang, Let it all hang Out
If it’s alright for you, it’s alright for me
Let it all hang out, It’s alright with me
Let it all Hang, Let it all hang out
Let it all hang, Let it all hang Out
Do what you do, Happy you should be
Let it all hang out, It’s alright with me
Let it all Hang, Let it all hang out
Let it all hang, Let it all hang Out
Don’t be scared
Do you what you do, be who you be
Let it all hang out, it’s alright with me
Do what you do, happy you should be
Let it all hang out
It’s alright, It’s alright
Song Biography
This song means what it says. There has been a lot of debate over gay marriage and whether it’s right or wrong. I remember growing up my mother telling me stories about how difficult it was growing up in the south in the 1940’s. Some blacks that could pass would gladly pretend to be white if it meant a chance at a good life. Interracial marriage was against the law, but some blacks and whites were really in love and faced death if they married each other. This is 2013 people. If it does not concern you, why do you give a FUCK! People have the right to be
 themselves as long as it does not hurt their neighbor. Let it all hang out, like they used to say back in the day.
Wanted Man
By T.Lee
Every day I Live I’m a wanted man
Every day I live I’m a wanted man
What seems to get me, are the things I desire
I can’t afford the good life, but still I aspire
Some days are better than others, I seem to get over
But lately it seems they’re out to get me
Moving in on me
Life can get hard, I look for the bottle
I owe more than I make, and yet there’s still tomorrow
I don’t wanna end up dying like my daddy did
I still get phone calls, bill collectors, they think I’m him
I stay one step ahead, because I’m clever
The I.R.S.
Gat damn bill collectors
I went to school to get a better understanding
With my education, I STILL DON”T KNOW NUTHIN
I keep my head up, I stay inspired
They fuck with my bank account, I keep on striving
Every day I live, I’m a wanted man
Song Biography

Wanted man is  a song built out of frustration and anger. Some days it seems your best just isn’t enough. Some days you are on top, riding high and then in a blink you are upside down. Stay positive though. When my father passed away I received a phone call from a bill collector. My old man got over. It’s always darkest before the dawn.
You Good For Me
By T.Lee
I wanna tell you why ya
Good for me
I need to tell you why ya
Good for me
I gotta tell you why ya
Good for me
It’s plain to see, I never knew another woman as cool as me
Such harmonies, they dance inside my head each time we meet
I feel free, you never ever wanna squeeze my wings
When I sing, you always make me feel like Luther baby
Everyday situations spend me round and round in a haze
But with you in my scene, the sun is always shining baby
Good For Me
Song Biography
I don’t write love songs. I write feel good songs. The phrase “You good for me” sends positive energy. It’s the closest I will come to a love song. The scream I do in the middle of the song was suggested by Co-producer, Engineer and Drummer Danya Thompson. This is the first time I worked with anyone besides me for this long on a project. I was listening to a lot of Rick James during this period. Either write a song about burning a super freak with a crack pipe or write this.
What You Waiting For
By T.Lee
We get angry, we get fed up
You gotta get inspired, or get off the bus
You gotta roll with changes, you gotta know what’s up
Don’t be so negative, you gotta find your plus sign
What’s your destiny, change your legacy
What’s your legacy, choose your destiny
What you waiting for
Life is precious, life is tough
I’ve seen the future and it sucks
Don’t rely on politics, you don’t need luck
Believe in your instincts go with your gut cause
What’s your destiny, change your legacy
What’s your legacy, choose your destiny
What you waiting for
Why you waiting
Song Biography
This song is about finding my own mantra. Sometimes I complain too much. Sometime we look for signs as an excuse not to make something happen. Some people are afraid of their own success. Sometimes all it takes is opening the door and putting one foot in front of the other. We all need a reason to get out of bed every morning. What you waiting for?
This Life
By T.Lee
I miss my nephew badly
Maybe he would still be here if life was thought of,
As something precious, and life is precious
I know that we’re not perfect
But are we are all prone to violence as a resolution
Maybe we don’t know
So many times I’ve wondered
How do we love each other if we can’t love our-selves
In this life, this life
Maybe we don’t know
Maybe we don’t know, maybe we’re just wired to do the wrong things
In this life, maybe we don’t know
Can it be this hard
There is nothing more precious than the life we have
This life, this life
Maybe we don’t know
In this life, you only got one life
Song Biography
My nephew was murdered about 4 years ago. Shot down in the streets of Florida after arguing with an acquaintance. This was devastating for my entire family. My nephew Mick was more like a younger brother, due to me being four years older. Like most friends and family we were close growing up, but we all have that fork in the road. Some choose left, some right and some go straight. This song is for everyone that has been affected by gun violence “in this great country of ours.” 
I wanna Get Up
By T.Lee
Hey, what you say?
I think I’m going crazy
Lying here, in this bed
I ain’t felt the sun in days
How can you cope when you know the end is close
What you hear voices inside your head
How does it feel to see the light at the end of the tunnel
This can’t be over, not here not now, you scream and say
I wanna get up, I got so much living to do
I wanna get up, I gotta make this up to you
I wanna get up, right now I’m in my groove
Hey, please stop playing
I hear voices, but I don’t know what they’re saying
Please do this for me, try and wake me before I eternally sleep
Before I close my eyes, I see my family start to cry
Deep inside, I know I could have been a much better man
Promises I didn’t keep, but now it’s too late for me
This can’t be over, so I scream
I got too much work to do
Someone please, teach me the Art Of Dying
I Wanna Get Up
Song Biography
My Dad died from cancer 30 days after my birthday on June 7 2009. This was a difficult time for my family and probably the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. Cancer is a MUTHAFUCKA! My father and I never had a great relationship. I watched him take his final breath and the last words he said was “I wanna get up”. My mother says he uttered “I wanna sit up”, but this was a tense moment and maybe I wanted to hear the former. This song was closure for me, somewhat. This is from my father’s perspective. I often wonder what was going on in his mind at that moment. Who knows? George Harrison has a song called “the art of dying”. I listened to that song constantly during my dad’s final days. Harrison is a deeply spiritual person. I am not a firm believer in the afterlife or a heavenly father. Doesn’t matter really, (in the words of John Lennon “whatever gets you through the night, is alright”). The Harrison song really helped me
Walk Of Shame
By T.Lee
I’m hanging out late and I’m on my on
I feel lucky, I got nothing to lose
Fever and it’s about to heat up
Summer time and I’m on the move
Now here’s a lady, she look so sweet
And I never ever thought, she’d be coming home with me
It’s about that walk, it’s about that walk baby
Walk with me
Go back to my place and get in the mood
I play some Marvin and some Stevie too
I play it shy first, she thinks I’m cute
We start drinking and we got loose
Shame, shame, shame
Well you gotta go home, gotta go home
Gotta go, gotta go can’t stay here
We got it on, we got it on, like grown folks do
She got crazy, and started catching feelings
I’m sorry baby, but it’s not like that, no it ain’t
The rules, the rules, the rules, the rules, the rules
You just broke them
It’s about that walk
It’s 5 in the alarm, you can’t stay here
My neighbors work so please be quiet on your way out
Lock your door on the way out, it locks from the inside
Just pull it closed
Song Biography
This is a story about a guy who meets a lady on a hot summer night. Normally a walk of shame happens during a one night stand (I did my research). The walk happens in the morning when he or she has to leave as the sun is rising and make the walk to the train, cab or car. All of the numbers are either leaving for work or taking the dog out for their morning shit. The line about my neighbors working is from trading places. Eddie Murphy’s character says something similar to his guest as he evicts them form his new home. “This was a stone groove my man, you are the most righteous……yea, yea, yea git tha fuck out!”.
Stop Passing Me By
By T.Lee
I see you, but I must look away
I feel you, I shall no longer stay… I ‘m sorry
I saw you on the road today, I approached you and I said Hi
But you looked away, you looked away baby, ooh… what’s going on
I grabbed your hand, you pulled away
You made it perfectly clear
You walked away, you walked away baby
Passing me by, stop passing, stop passing me by
Stop passing, stop passing me by
I don’t understand this babe
You act as if we never met, my presence makes you scream
Should I feel dismayed, you looked away, you looked away baby
Please stop passing
I’m just your regular fool, it seems I just can’t let you go
Today is my day, maybe you’ve changed, maybe you’ve changed baby
You keep passing me, you keep passing me
Stop passing me by
You want my hand, can’t have it
Can’t deal with your bad habits
You made this complicated
Song Biography
I wanted an old school almost disco beat and a funky bass line. Most of my songs start with the bass 1st and the beat 2nd. The lyrics just kinda came out (stop Passing me by). About a guy that is being ignored and jilted by a lost love. I tried my best to evoke Marvin Gaye vocally (hey, I tried.) Once I got Mecca to sing on the song it allowed me to flip the story. Now there is no sympathy for this guy. The last couple of lines tell us that maybe he was the asshole.
We the People
By T.Lee
Where do we go? What do we do?
We the People, you keep squeezing
These are my perceptions, all that I believe
My own observations, everything I see
Where do we go? What do we do?
We the People, you keep squeezing
 when the bottom falls out
and, our world caves in, who’s gonna rescue us?
we the people, what about us?
I got a funny feelin, I’m in a bad, bad way
Every time that I read the news, it seems we’re sinking deeper
These are my perceptions, all that I believe
My own observations, everything I see
Praise this land of freedom, save this land of greed
How much can you afford to fix that pain in yo back
Why must the working man always bleed?
Where do we go? What do we do?
We the People, you keep squeezing
 when the bottom falls out
and, our world caves in, who’s gonna rescue us?
we the people, what about us?

Song Biography
This songs speaks for itself. I am expressing my frustration with government. This song was originally written before the occupy wall street protest began. The song was inspired by comedian Yul Spencer. Spencer contacted me about writing a theme song for a pilot he was working on dealing with the homeless in California. Spencer and I became acquainted through my longtime friend writer Danita Jones. Spencer wanted something that had the punch of Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t really care About us” song from History Book 1. This is my contribution. From where I stand, it seems to me the backs of the laborers and the people who do the heavy lifting in this country are always broken through political bullshit . Keep taxing us, but keep minimum wage the same. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it.  We can do so much better. I don’t have all of the answers but it’s my right as an American to speak up and at least start the conversation.