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This is my interpretation of what if. The song Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorites. My song tells the story of what happens to Joe after he leaves to shoot his ol lady. In this song his ladies name is Linda and Joe kicks in the door to confront her. Alex and Keith King add so much depth on their instruments. My Big Sister Deborah added great harmonies with me on this track. Her voice has that Pointer sister vibe.


A yawn and stretch in the morning and then i rise
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes

I look to my left, i look to my right
I see linda laying beside

She’s the wifey or my man joe
I wonder how many folks will know

Everybody knows

What kind of friend am i, oh
We all get weak sometime
Just one of those things, salacious things, scandalous

As i sit drinking coffee linda says
We can’t go on like this
Joe doesn’t deserve this he’s a good man inside
And There ain’t nothing like a man’s pride
I walk away in a haze of uncertainty
How did i let this come to be


A frantic knock at my door, I jump out of bed
I tell Linda to not be scared
The next sound that i hear is a crash on my floor,
Joe just kicked in my door

He looks straight at me with his eyes tearing
He says Is it true, these things I been hearing
You were my friend, you were like a brother to me
Just then linda runs out and she says I’m sorry, joe i’m so sorry
Hey Joe,i see that gun in yo hand