From the recording AllDayFunkShine!

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I wrote this song as a young man in my 20’s hating my job. I was probably working for a 3rd party rep firm and dreading Sunday evening. At the time I was heavy into The Style Council. I wanted to write a song like Paul Weller at that time. I could hear Paul and D.C. Lee singing the harmonies together. This is the Only song that was not fully recorded at Babybrutha’s Attic studio. Vocals, bass and Drums were recorded at The School of Art Institute. The remaining productions were completed at Babybrutha Studios. Elisa Hunt sounds great on vocals and added so much. Alex’s guitar creates the perfect vibe.


Monday morning, clock gives out a yell

time to dress for a job i'm hating

there's a hundred different things I’d like to do

but instead I grin and bare it

bird outside my window, why can’t I be more like you

I want to fly away, I want to fly away, I want to fly away

Monday mornings always bring me down, ever since I was a kid

I'm constantly reminded that I’m grown

some days, I wish I was a kid again

bird outside my window, how's life been treating you

I want to fly away, I want to fly away, I want to fly away

fly away, to a new day

i want to fly

fly, fly, fly , fly

i wanna fly away
in due time, i'm never gonna feel this way again

im gonna get my shit together and get my life on track, oh

in due time i'm never gonna feel this way again,

im gonna fly away