1. Why Not

From the recording AllDayFunkShine!

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While watching an episode of my favorite TV show “Sanford & Son” I was inspired. Scatman Crothers and Redd Foxx were singing “All of me” They ended the song by repeating “Why not, Why Not” That stuck in my head and I couldn’t get rid of it. A melody came, a bass line came and a concept came. One of my favorite movies as a kid was “Bugsy Malone” . I wanted to create a song in that world. Lauren’s vocals are great on this song. Her performance takes it beyond where I thought it could go. Sav gives it just the right amount of Joe Pass.


Im tired, I need a libation, I gets no gratification from my 9 to 5
Work's done, im headed right over to Sam's grand slam
Bar keep, I'll have my usual, this will get me started until my girls get here
I don't mind drinking alone

Just then, before I take a sip, a man sidled up to me, invading my space
He exclaimed his name and claim to fame

My name is gimp the ladies pimp and I can tell by the way you're staring you wanna take me home


So we can just get it on


Why not

Why not take me, why not take me home

(he kept saying)

Why not take me home

You must be kidding I don't even know you
And you wanna come home with me
You must be drunk or maybe simply insane

I got a driver and a rolls royce and a waterbed made of brass
But I can't find my keys so I'll be going home with you please

No! But he kept saying

Why not take me, why not take me home

Why me? I always get the weird ones. Im not in the mood for this
I should have just taken my black ass home

where you going ?

Move, get out of my way, before I have to mace you.
Damn, you working on my last nerve

So are you saying no?

But he kept saying
Why not take me home, why not take me home