From the recording AllDayFunkShine!

This song started with me on bass and a drum loop on NYE 2018. I love Parliament Funkadelic. Any music that was created in that environment has a feeling and a vibe. ADFS is my attempt at creating a song as if I was in that universe. I would say to my friend Keith “Are we living in the twilight zone” Truth is now alternative facts and what use to be real is now false. It is a strange time right now. My optimism is low. FunkShine will take me away from the bullshit.



Are we living the twilight zone
We keep doing the same stupid thang and keep expecting a different result
We create our own problems. Welcome to america
But right now I need Funkshine

We’ve always lived in a pandemic, pandemic of our minds
Marley said it best, mental slavery
We need funkshine

All Day Funk shine, all day funk shine
All day funk shine, all day funk shine, all day

I don’t need any shade thrown my way
I enjoy the funkshine
Find that inner joy, that peace inside
Where do you find strength, where do you find comfort?
You are the light that shines bright
You shine bright at dusk
The sun envies you
Implosion is imminent ya’ll if we don’t figure this shit out

All day funkshine

Find your energy, peace upon you