Babybrutha is a 4 piece funk/rock/soul band founded in 2005 by Lead vocalist and bass player Tim Lee. The band has carved out a reputation in the Chicago music scene for being exciting and electrifying. The band is primed for spreading its unique sound throughout this United States country.

The band features Savino Izzi on guitar and backing vocals. Sav (as he is known in the band) is a student of classical guitar and an instructor himself. He has played all forms of music most notably metal, but likes the different free form sound that Babybrutha has to offer. Keith King has been playing drums since the age of 11. Known in Chicago as prominent church drummer, King has made his living playing with various groups. Babybrutha gives him a chance to really funk it up. 

T.Lee has always been a student of old school rock and soul. If asked who his messiah is the answer would be George Clinton. Playing guitar since grade school he moved to the bass in high school after falling in love with James Brown. T.Lee is primary songwriter for Babybrutha and is affiliated with ASCAP as a songwriter. Babybrutha’s originals and  covers have provided for some great live performances all over the Chicago land area. Opening for Erykah Badu at The Congress theater, performing at Morseland café, U.S Beer Company, the Wild Hair, Redline Tap and countless festivals have experienced the Babybrutha live show.

Currently Babybrutha is touring Chicago and surrounding areas. T.Lee has penned 3 cds and is currently completing the 4th. Babybrutha has fans all over the globe from Italy to Pennsylvania and their next stop is a venue near you. The next time you hear Sly Stone mixed with Jimi Hendrix mashed up with The Beatles or Curtis Mayfield stop, look, listen and have a drink while you “Bob Yo Head” to Babybrutha. “Now Go Wiggle!”